Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 30: The End?

  We made it to day 30! I can't believe the final day of our challenge is here.
  Over our 30 day journey, my husband close to 7 pounds and I lost 5 pounds; 3.7% of his body weight and 4% of mine. He moderately exercised, I didn't exercise at all. The Paleo diet also increased our energy levels and has made us feel healthier.
  The meals, which were easy to fix and tasted great, left us feeling satisfied and full. We never had that "after eating all that, I just feel nasty" feeling.
  All the foods I thought I'd miss and crave rarely entered my mind during the 30 day time period. We proved eating Paleo, even while traveling and dining out, can be done and can be done easily.
  We have decided to continue eating Paleo in order to reap the long term benefits of a healthy diet and will allow ourselves a few exceptions now and then.
  I can honestly say what I once thought was a crazy idea has now made a huge impact in my life and I look forward to broadening my Paleo horizon. Making the decision to change my thought pattern concerning food was one of the better decision I have made and I thank my husband for introducing me to the Paleo diet.


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