Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1: The Beginning

  Our Paleo journey has officially begun. My husband and I (and our son to a certain extent) are now living the Paleo lifestyle and so far, life is good.
  We started the day by weighing ourselves. Though our ultimate goal is to change our eating habits and not necessarily to lose weight, we will still step on the scales weekly and keep track of our changes.
  Breakfast and lunch today didn't stray too far from my normal. If anything, I ate a larger breakfast. For my husband, it was a pretty big change.
  For the last several years, his breakfasts and lunches have been made up of yogurt, oatmeal and protein bars. Pretty boring, huh?
  He reported to me this evening that changing to a breakfast of eggs, almonds, walnuts and dried fruit, a fajita chicken salad for lunch and beef jerky for a snack required more preparation, but provided more variety and was better tasting than his norm.
  My first two meals of the day were the same as my husband's and I must say, they were pretty tasty! I enjoyed having my poached egg for breakfast and loved the fajita salad for lunch (topped with an oregano, cumin, EVOO and vinegar dressing).
  Now for the meal I'm really interested in sharing. Dinner.
  First off, I have a confession. I in my initial post I stated I would be taking pictures of the dinners I prepare. Unfortunately, in my state of excitement to try the eye candy laid out in front of me, I forgot. Tomorrow is another day and I promise I will redeem myself.
  Dinner this evening consisted of Simple Roast Chicken as listed on Sarah Fragoso's website Everyday Paleo.
  I purchased a 5 lb. chicken, cooked it at 450 degrees for 70 minutes and it was delicious. Crispy skin, extremely moist inside and very easy to prepare. This recipe is going to become a staple in my home.
  Along with the chicken, we feasted on steamed asparagus and a spinach salad with lots of fresh veggies. We even had a Paleo-friendly dessert: cinnamon and nutmeg baked apples with coconut whipped cream (see Nutty Kitchen for the recipe).
  We were lucky to be able to share our first Paleo dinner with my parents. I must say, I think they were impressed, as was I! I left the table feeling satisfied and healthy.
  One thing I can tell is there will be an adjustment period. As I am typing this, I feel a small twinge of hunger. I will probably have a snack of jerky or nuts to get me through the next few hours before bed. I do believe over time, as my body adjusts, I will remain full from dinner throughout the evening.
  Stay tuned for more tasty adventures (and hopefully some pictures!)

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