Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 15-19: The Ability To Stay Paleo

  I'm back!
  For most of the past week, my husband and I were out of town on a little getaway. Before leaving, I was worried about the challenges of staying Paleo while traveling. Luckily, it was much easier than I had imagined.
  For breakfast on days 15 through 18, we ate oranges or apples and nuts, which we brought from home. On day 19, we enjoyed fruit and a western omelet, minus the cheese, and said no to the offering of toast.
  Finding Paleo lunch every day was pretty simple, as we consumed grilled chicken salad, a hamburger minus the bun, tomato soup and a variety of fruits and veggies.
  Dinner every night was the absolute best and finding something to meet our needs was simple.
  The first night, we ate dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. We had a meat platter that consisted of air dried ham, garlic sausage and smoked duck breast, along with jumbo grilled asparagus and baked summer squash. Delish!

  My meal for dinner number two was grilled bratwurst (minus the bun) with homemade red cabbage kraut (yum!), peppers and onions and sweet potato fries. I didn't miss the bun one bit and am sure the meat and toppings tasted better without it.

  My husband enjoyed a grilled steak, mixed steamed veggies and sweet potato fries.

  Dinner on the third night consisted of a rack of ribs, mixed vegetables (we asked for a double order instead of the potato) and a Mediterranean salad. We had a lot left over, so that was lunch for the next day.
  When we arrived back in town, my parents offered us dinner and so graciously accommodated our Paleo diet. We feasted on shrimp, salad and mixed fruit.
  Tonight at home I fixed baked halibut and steamed broccoli, which I have previously blogged about here. It has become one of our family favorites.
  Staying Paleo while traveling was way easier than I thought it would be. Even though we couldn't control exactly what the food was cooked in or every single ingredient in the meal, we still made the best choices out of what was offered.
  My advice is to go prepared and try to eat at sit down restaurants that offer a variety of food. You may think this could get expensive, but you will pay the same amount for a lunch buffet that offers salad, grilled meats, fruits and veggies as you would for a greasy, unhealthy value meal.
 Stocking up tomorrow for next week. Lots of good recipes to come!

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